wedding cakes

We recommended you have enough cake to feed approximately 
70-75% of your guests. Each wedding cake is unique to the individuals and custom designed. For this reason we request you contact us or book a tasting or consultation. For more information please view “Weddings & Events” under “Services” in the navigation bar.

Custom cakes

Similar to wedding cakes, custom cakes are specifically designed and customized for each individual. Please contact us for a quote or book a tasting or consultation. For more information, please view “Custom Cakes” under “Services” in the navigation bar.

Signature Buttercream Cakes

These cakes are perfect for last minute orders and are great for any occasion! You can choose from one of the 3 buttercream styles, any colour scheme and any batter and buttercream combination. 8 hours notice required. Subject to availability. 


Mini $33.60 (serves 8) 
6" $51.00 (serves 15)
7" $66.00 (serves 25)
8" $86.00 (serves 30)


Please click here for style options.

add ons

Add any of the options below to your signature buttercream cake.
-Full Floral add on: $15 extra (24 notice required)
-Half Floral add on: $10 (24 hours notice required)
-Full sprinkle cake: $7.00-$10.00 extra (24 hours notice required)
-Ombre effect: $10.00 extra
-More then one colour: $5.00 extra 
-Glitter: $3.50 extra
-Custom Cardstock Cake topper: $15
-Writing: free

Specialty Buttercream Cakes

A step up from our signature buttercream cakes. More glam, more colour , more styles and more detail. Choose from 10 different design styles, any colour scheme and any batter and buttercream combination. 48 Hours notice required. Subject to availability.


6" $75(serves 15)
7" $92 (serves 25)
8" $109 (serves 30)


Please click here for style options.

Add ons

-Glitter: $3.50
-Custom Cardstock Cake topper: $15
-Writing: free

slab cakes

Standard. Includes Standard Piping

1/4 slab $66 (serves 25)
1/2 slab $90 (serves 50)
Full Slab $180 (serves 80)
More than two colours: $5.00/per colour. Writing is free.

Custom Slab Cakes

1/4 slab $115 (serves 25)
1/2 slab $145 (serves 50)
Full Slab $204 (serves 80)


Sweets tables

For an event that already has a dessert we recommend  1.5-2 sweets per person. If the event does not have a dessert we recommend 3-4 sweets per person. Includes a 6” buttercream cake (5 standard designs to choose from), delivery, set up and all jars, stands and platters for the table. Choose from any menu item on our menu. All items are mini versions or dainty sizes. Taxes not included. Upgrades available. For more information please see “Weddings & Events” under “Services”


$3.60/head- 1 sweet per person 
$4.80/head- 1.5 sweets per person
$6.00/head- 2 sweets per person
$7.20/head- 2.5 sweets per person
$8.40/head-3 sweets per person
$9.60/head- 3.5 sweets per person
$10.80/head- 4 sweets per person

You may also to choose to order sweets a la carte. View the list below of all menu items. Delivery & set up are optional. 


Signature Cupcakes $3.30/each OR $36/dozen
Custom Cupcakes $4.15/each
Mini Cupcakes $2.20/each OR $24/dozen


$2.70 Each
Red Velvet


Imperial Cookies reg: $3.50/mini: $2.25
Gourmet Chocolate Chip cookies: reg: $2.00/mini: $1.50
Chocolate Covered Oreos: $3.00/each
Decorated Sugar Cookies: $5.00/each
Gourmet Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: reg: $2.00/mini: $1.50 
Gourmet Peanut Butter Cookies: reg: $2.00/mini: $1.50
Over a dozen receive 5% off.

Cookie Sandwhiches

$4.20/each (can be cut into quarters)
Chocolate chip salted caramel
Honey coconut
Brownie fudge
Birthday cakeCookies & cream
Over a dozen receive 5% off

Bars & Squares

Lemon Squarelg: $3.60/dainty: $1.85
Espresso Chocolate Truffle Barlg: $3.60/dainty: $1.85
Salted Caramel Barlg: $3.00/dainty: $1.85
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Barlg: $4.00/dainty: $2.00
Nanaimo Bar lg: $2.25/dainty: $1.85
Over a dozen receive 5% off. 

French Macarons

Vanilla Bean Mocha Coconut Banana Cream
Peach Raspberry Turtle Pistachio-Nutella
Strawberry Nutella London Fog. Coconut Lavender
Pistachio Lemon Tiger Tiger Nutella
Amaretto Salted Caramel Wild Orange S’mores
Oreo Key Lime Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Plus weekly in house flavours. Over a dozen receive 5% off. 

Batter and buttercream flavours

Buttercream filling flavours

Vanilla Chocolate Mocha
Strawberry Raspberry Earl Grey
Crushed Oreo Lemon Lime
Cream Cheese Salted Caramel Peanut Butter
Coconut Blueberry Hazelnut
Banana Candy Cane (seasonal) Crushed Mini Egg (seasonal)

Batter Flavours

Chocolate Vanilla
Red Velvet Banana
Marble Lemon

Please choose one batter and one buttercream flavour for each cake and/OR cupcakes you’d like to order.