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Here are some short videos & tips to help you with your cake decorating!

We are here to help, please feel free to email us with any questions! We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Cut a cake the proper way!

We constantly get asked “how would you go about cutting this cake?”  Here's a video that shows it all!

There are two ways you can cut a cake. The first way is like you would a pie (the most common way) BUT if you want to get the most slices out of your cake, we recommend you cut it this way!  This is also most ways a venue will cut your cake and how most bakeries will determine how many slices per cake. 
Ultimately the choice is yours of course, this is just the way we like to do it! Maybe don’t serve the cake with your fingers tho.. 

Alareen's Top 10 Cake Decorating Tips











Always have sharp blades, replace them as many times as you need. Don't cheap out on this!

Wear gloves and have a super clean surface when working with white fondant. Trust me, it will pick up every single little speck of dirt. 

You tube, practise, more you tube, more practise

Give yourself lots of time to complete a cake, bake the cake and build fondant/gumpast figurines on day 1, fill & crumb coat on day 2, decorate on day 3.

When everything starts to blur together, take a break! 

Don't forget you need a base for the cake to sit on and something to transport it in! Bulk barn is cheaper than Michael's. See my links below for online decorating supply stores. 

For a super shiny, clean finish, steam your fondant cakes with a hand held steamer. Available on amazon. 

Offset spatulas are your best friend. Go out and buy one!

Always taste your product. Always. Then go for run. 

There is a back to every cake!

Stacking Tiered Cakes

We always make sure our cake has been filled (including a dam), crumbcoated, and chilled for 24 hours before we stack it. Waiting 24 hours in between crumb coating & stacking allows the cake to settle and helps to release any trapped air that has built up during the filling process. 

We use "fat bulb straws" (that's actually what they are called) as dowels. We choose this because they work just as well as wooden dowels, are easy to cut (with scissors) and cost much less. Also, no risk for splinters in the cake!  Which ever you choose, you need something to support the tiers, so don't forget!


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