Buttercream By Alareen

Designed with YOU in mind!           
  Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba    

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey!

About Our Owner

 Alareen started designing cakes as a hobby after graduating as a nurse in 2011. After her signature buttercream and creative, cake designs became a hit among family and friends, Alareen founded Buttercream by Alareen; a company whose mission is to create custom edible works of art that will not only look good but taste amazing too! 

Alareen started her business out of her own kitchen and quickly realized a commercial kitchen was needed to support her rapidly growing business. She found a space in a community kitchen in downtown Winnipeg in 2015 and shared it amongst other local entrepreneurs. In exchange for rent, Alareen found the opportunity to take a management role in the kitchen and was able to drop down to casual nursing. This role helped her understand the ins and outs of running a commercial kitchen and a year and half later she took the plunge and opened her own commercial bakery in April of 2016-Buttercream By Alareen.

Her dream? To be creative for a living, no matter what it takes!

A Word from our Owner

 Life as I know it, is full of opportunity. And when opportunity knocks, my door is always open! My experience in decorating cakes is that the gift of a cake can really make someone smile and so it dawned on me, I could make people smile professionally? Opportunity? I think so! And so, I began my journey in entrepreneurship! 

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